Your donation impacts the Geelong region, supporting healthier communities

Active Geelong – Key Initiatives

Interactive Digital Platform

Active Geelong will use innovations to create an interactive online space that will engage the local community in physical activity and measure how we’re tracking towards becoming Australia’s most active city.

Empowering Active Workplaces

In collaboration with our connected and motivated network of local organisations and influencers, we’re going to support the delivery of programs and initiatives the help make movement accessible through fun and social interaction.

Innovating with the Medical Community

The Active Geelong Knowledge Sub-Committee is working with the Geelong GP Active Ambassadors to identify barriers and opportunities to enable and empower GPs to encourage and motivate patients to be more active. A number of evidence-based initiatives will be trialled throughout the year.

Introducing Walking Plus

Connecting experts in physical activity with the broader community we will introduce ‘Walking Plus’ – a walking program that integrates resistance, flexibility, impact loading and balance.

Engaging with the Geelong Community

Using the expertise of the Active Geelong Advocacy Sub-Committee we will inspire pro-active change and build connections that will motivate and empower movement and enhance wellbeing for the whole Geelong community.