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Active Geelong Walk & Talk

Active Geelong hosted our first networking ‘Walk & Talk’ event for 2023 on Friday 17th of March as a lunchtime event hosted by WorkSafe.

The Active Geelong ‘Walk & Talks’ are an opportunity for workplaces to get moving during lunch, take in the sunshine and fresh air, increase their physical activity for the day, network with like minded professionals and hear from a host organisation about what they are doing to encourage physical activity in their workplace. They will be held monthly through 2023.

For the March 2023 walk, a crowd of central Geelong workers from organisations such as the City of Greater Geelong, Barwon Health and Worksafe gathered to first hear from WorkSafe’s Wellbeing Manager, Lisa Aitken, and then take part in a sunny lunchtime networking walk down to the bay and along the waterfront.



Lisa outlined that Physical Activity is one of the core five pillars of wellbeing at WorkSafe, with staff currently having access to a range of initiatives that support physical activity opportunities:

  • Lunchtime yoga classes with GCY
  • Lunchtime fitness classes in Johnstone Park with FFL
  • Wellbeing activity Reimbursements
  • Ergonomic Reimbursements
  • Mens and Womens Health Webinars
  • Home workstation ergonomic assessments
  • Health Insurance Discounts
  • Corporate Gym Rates

Lisa made the following statement ‘Physical Activity is great for so many aspects of life. Not only does it help keep you fit to move around more easily, and puff less walking up and down stairs and running after your kids, but it also gets you out and about in your community, meeting new people, seeing new things, and is great for your mental health too. For me, running and walking around the Barwon River on Saturday mornings is the best mental de-tox ever, and one of the key tools I use to modulate my stress levels’

These will become monthly events through 2023. Please keep an eye on the Active Geelong social media feeds and website for future events’