Award Demonstration Criteria

A selection committee of individuals representing the Active Geelong Board and our key partners, award sponsors and supporters will determine the Active Geelong Active Workplace Award winners

The selection committee will refer to the following selection criteria to award the 2024 Active Workplace winners:



Award Criteria  Potential Examples from workplace
Policies and procedures that support physical activity, active travel and reduced sitting time
  • Documents that support such as specific policies, guidelines and/or procedures, staff benefits/flexible working arrangement documents 
  • Demonstrate how you share and communicate policies and documents to staff
  • Policy requirements can be embedded in other policies, including OHS/ Health and Wellbeing
Physical activity is actively encouraged and supported by senior management 
  • Managers lead by example and participate in physical activity initiatives and events.
  • Workplace provides line managers with a better understanding and knowledge of the benefits of being physically active during working hours.
  • Management promotes role models and encourages walking or standing meetings and the use of stairs throughout the organisation.
  • Promote flexible working practices (i.e. flexi-time, exercising at lunch, working from home etc.)
Physical activity information and policies are included in employee inductions During induction/orientation, employees are informed about:

  • Policies/procedures related to physical activity
  • The workplace’s commitment to creating an environment that supports physical activity.
  • Physical activity facilities or initiates that are available to employees.
Employee and leadership are jointly involved in supporting physical activity in the workplace 
  • Employee health and wellbeing team is established to discuss and implement physical activity initiatives.
  • Promote and encourage input from employees on guidelines and policies regarding physical activity.
  • Consultations with employees and management to understand and identify their needs and perceptions (feedback surveys, focus groups etc).




Award Criteria  Potential Examples from workplace
Provide facilities that promote active travel to work
  • Provide showers, lockers and changing rooms for employees who use active transport to get to/from work and/or when being active during working hours.
  • Provide a secure bike storage facility or rack to encourage riding to work.
  • Provide supportive equipment such as an iron, ironing board, hairdryers etc.
Employees are aware of minimum required breaks and are encouraged to take them 
  • Provide information regarding break times to employees during induction.
  • Provide employees with flexible working hours to accommodate physically activity during breaks and before/after work.
Promotion of shade, sun protection and support for outdoor activities
  • Promote and encourage employees to download the SunSmart app to their smartphones.
  • Provide SPF 30 (or higher) sunscreen in or near outdoor areas, in bathrooms and in high use areas such as kitchens and lunchrooms. 
  • Promote and encourage employees to be SunSmart whenever outside. 
Well maintained physical environment supportive of physical activity
  • Place signs near stairs/lift promoting the benefits of using the stairs.
  • Set up an on-site gym or run lunchtime and/or before and after work exercise classes.
  • Organise and promote a corporate rate with a local gym or instructor.
  • Provide employees with access to sit-stand desks, stand/walk reminders.
  • Provide an office layout that encourages employees to walk to printers, rubbish bins etc.
  • Encourage staff to walk over and talk rather than send emails or stand when they take a phone call.
  • Promote standing and walking meetings.




Award Criteria  Potential Examples from workplace
Provide and promote information about opportunities to be physically active in or near the workplace 
  • Promote opportunities to be physically active near your organisation (i.e. nearby park, local gym, sport club).
  • Organise and promote discounted or corporate rates with local physical activity organisations, gyms and fitness centres for employees.
  • Organise with local physically activity organisations to hold staff events.
  • Set up a small gym or run lunchtime/before or after work exercise classes for employees (where possible)
  • Provide information or guest speakers to discuss cycling, road rules or bike maintenance.


Award Criteria  Potential Examples from workplace
Actively promote and participate in community initiatives that encourage physical activity 
  • Promote, encourage and organise employees to participate in physical activity initiatives within your organisation and the wider community e.g. Premier’s Active April, Ride2Work day, Relay for Life etc.
  • Subsidise the cost of community events (fun runs/cycling events) and/or create workplace teams to encourage staff participation
  • Embed physical activity events and challenges into your organisation’s annual health and wellbeing calendar 
Encourage workplace teams to participate in organised sports and physical activity opportunities in the local area
  • Recruit and promote workplace teams for different sports and activities e.g. Bootcamps, Netball, Soccer etc.
  • Promote lunchtime walking or running groups.
Use and promote local parks, open spaces, recreation and community activities to encourage physical activity by our employees 
  • Map local walking and bicycle paths and promote these throughout the workplace.
  • Promote local parks and recreation facilities on the organisation’s intranet, noticeboards and in the employee wellbeing newsletter.
  • Use local parks and recreation facilities for workplace events and functions (e.g. whole staff lunches)
  • Incorporate physical activity into team building and social events (e.g. lawn bowls, football etc).




Award Criteria  Potential Examples from workplace
This award recognises the GP Clinic that goes above and beyond to promote physical activity to their staff and patients. They show some of the following characteristics:
  • Have representatives on the Active Geelong GP Special Interest Group
  • Host or refer clients to the GP Clinic Walks Program
  • Actively promote physical activity to staff and patients



June 2024 2024 Active Workplace Awards Launch & Portal Open

15 November 2024 – Applications close

19 November 2024  – Award Selection Committee meet to discuss winners

27 November 2024 Active Workplaces Awards Breakfast at GMHBA Stadium


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