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Everybody, Everyday Heroes

As part of Active Geelong’s ‘EVERYBODY, EVERYDAY’ movement to make Geelong the most active city in Australia, we want to spotlight the everyday heroes who are changing their lives for the better through physical activity.

It seems the Active Geelong EVERYBODY, EVERYDAY movement is gaining momentum.

Take Rose Roberts, for example – a Marketing and Communications Manager at Geelong-based West Carr & Harvey Accountants and Business Consultants.

“Ever since we got involved in Active Geelong, the thing we kept hearing about were these walking groups – and we thought, that sounds pretty cool,” Rose said.

“We recently moved offices to Federal Mills Park so we thought that would be a good opportunity for us to start up our own walking group,” she said.

“We thought this was be a good time because not only does it provide the opportunity to do more exercise, it would also give us a chance to get to know the people in the other businesses within the precinct.”

A key focus of the Active Geelong MOVEMENT movement is to help businesses around Geelong encourage their employees to find opportunities within their working day to become more active.

Recently, this has set off an explosion in walking groups around the city, such as the one Rose and her friends have started at Federal Mills Park.

“We call our group ‘Walking Wednesdays’,” Rose said.

“We meet at the same gate at the same time every Wednesday at midday – and we can get anywhere between 2 or 12 of us,” she said.

“We walk for roughly 30 minutes along Corio Bay, so it’s a beautiful walk and we have some really lovely conversation, so it’s been great.”

Rose epitomises the ‘EVERYBODY, EVERYDAY’ Hero message, for she is not only staying active herself, but also helping others improve their lives by getting likeminded people involved.

“One of the guys who comes along with us regularly has on more than one occasion, said he feels like his afternoon is far more productive and he is able to be more creative simply because he’s had that 30 minutes exercise during his day,” Rose said.

“I just think that’s a great example of how that little bit of exercise can have a really big impact on your day.”

As Rose has proved, it doesn’t take much to get something with real impact off the ground. The genesis of this walking group was a simple email to work colleagues and other businesses around the area.

From there, Rose has set up a reoccurring Facebook event on the West Carr & Harvey Facebook page with all the details. You can find a link to the event here:

“If there is anybody out there who would like to join us – whether you are based at Fed Mills or if you just happen to be in the area at midday, you are more than welcome to contact me.”

Rose, in the middle of the above picture, can be contacted directly at or at West Carr & Harvey on (03) 5222 4522.