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As part of Active Geelong’s ‘EVERYBODY, EVERYDAY’ movement to make Geelong the most active city in Australia, we want to spotlight the everyday heroes who are changing their lives for the better through physical activity. 

It’s funny how a small thing can make a big difference.

Up until recently, 57-year-old Roxie Bennett was like most people her age.

“I didn’t think I was necessarily inactive… I was just in a place where I thought – if I’m going to commit to getting more active, it would have to be getting a gym membership or doing something big like that. And that just wasn’t going to fit into my lifestyle,” she recalled.

Then Roxie attended an Active Geelong advocacy meeting and things changed.

“It was all about how it only takes 30 minutes of physical activity a day to receive significant health benefits,” she said.

“I walked out of that meeting and a I thought ‘Bugger it, I’m going to do it – I’m going to find a way to do 30 minutes a day’.”

Since then, Roxie has incorporated a daily walk into a new healthier lifestyle that has brought about an incredible personal transformation. 

In just 8 months, Roxie has lost over 25 kilograms – remarkable.

However walking is just one part of the puzzle. Roxie also does Yoga sessions five times a week – and it is an experience that provides benefits far beyond weight loss.

“Doing yoga has improved my life in so many ways – my muscle and bone strength, my gut health, my flexibility, my mental health – the list goes on and on.”

Many people around Geelong would recognise the name Roxie Bennett from Bay 93.9’s THE CATCH UP.

However for us at Active Geelong, the radio personality is just another EVERYBODY, EVERYDAY Hero who is changing her life for the better through physical activity.

And by doing so, Roxie is one of many people trying to make Geelong the Most Active City in Australia.

“One of the big things I realised was that I don’t have to go for that big one hour walk to get the benefits,” Roxie said.

“I can just walk for 30 minutes – so I can be out of bed, out for a walk and back in the shower in under and hour,” she said.

“It’s just such a wonderful way for me to start my day.

“If everyone did 30 minutes of exercise each day, the difference that would make to the health of our community in Geelong would just be phenomenal.”

Do you know someone who is an ‘EVERYBODY, EVERYDAY HERO’?

Contact Active Geelong here and help us give them the recognition they deserve for trying to make Geelong the Most Active City in Australia!