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Meetings and movement

Take any opportunity at work to reduce your sedentary time and increase your opportunities for movement.

Sit Less

  • Set a movement break as part of your agenda
  • Stand up after each speaker
  • Start the meeting standing
  • Always choose a seat where you can stand and not interrupt
  • Encourage those speaking to stand

Move More

  • For longer meetings schedule in a walk break, especially if your meeting goes across a lunch break
  • Use your screen to run a 5 minute workout video or yoga video mid meeting

Walk and Talk

  • Try a walking meeting, these are great for two or three people or for larger groups when innovation and relationship building is important
  • The best time is for a walking meeting is under 20mins
  • Take notes on your phone or use a voice recorder
  • Be mindful of your colleagues’ abilities, footwear and the weather


  • Put up posters or have table top cards that inform ’it’s OK to stand’
  • Managers and leaders should be encouraged to set the standard

Make it Easy

  • Make a meeting room a standing room with height adjustable tables or take out the chairs

Use Active Transport

  • Access your meetings by foot, bike or public transport
  • Include active travel information in your meeting notes
  • Book a meeting midway at a café so all attendees get a chance to move