Please visit our resources page to see tips and workouts to help you continue the movement movement.

Resource #3

Active Travel

Active travel is using physical activity to get around. It can be walking or cycling to a destination such as work or school. Or it might even be skating or scooting – anything that gets your body moving!

Resource #4

How to move more at work

No matter if you sit for most of your working day or have lots of opportunity to move, there are always ways to get a little bit more movement in your day.

Resource #5

Meetings and movement

Take any opportunity at work to reduce your sedentary time and increase your opportunities for movement.

Resource #6

Workplace Stretches

If you sit at work use these simple stretches to keep your body moving.

Resource #7

Top tips to starting a walking group at work

Scheduling a walking group into your working week is a great way to increase your daily physical activity and stay motivated to move.  Walking groups are easy to start and have benefits for you and your organisation.

Resource #8

Barriers to Physical Activity

There are many reasons we should be physically active, but there are also some common reasons that we don’t. Find out what those reasons are and plan your workplaces programs to overcome the barriers.

Resource #11

Starting a workplace sports team

From connecting with your co-workers to becoming a better leader, there are loads of reasons to set up a workplace sports team. Here’s how to kick yours off.

Resource #12

How to choose a provider

If your workplace wants to run a physical activity program for employees, it’s important to get the right person for the job. Follow our quick tips for choosing the right physical activity service provider.

Resource #13

How to move more at home

It doesn’t matter if you sit for most of your day or have lots of opportunity to move, there are always ways to get a little bit more movement in your day.

Resource #15

How to get your whole business on board with physical activity

Whether you offer an onsite gym or a regular walking group, the take up rates of physical activity opportunities can be varied and are dependent on many factors. The Healthy Workplaces Achievement Program has six tips to help you confidently build a successful workplace physical activity program.

Resource #16

Healthy Workplace Achievement Program

Healthy workers are great for business.  The Healthy Workplace Achievement Program is available to all businesses in Victoria to support the development of healthy workplaces.

Resource #18

What does physical activity do for my health and why is it important for employees?

Encouraging your employees and colleagues to be physically active is the best way to maintain health, well-being and quality of life. The benefits of physical activity are not just for personal gain but can be applied to the workplace too.