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Workplace Stretches

If you sit at work use these simple stretches to keep your body moving.

Taking the time to stretch throughout the day can have numerous health benefits. Stretching can improve flexibility and is an important activity to warm up or cool down after exercise. Stretching can also be a fun and healthy break from your computer screen during the work day.

Stretch Videos

Pop a calendar reminder in and link to these videos to keep you moving through your day.

The Banana

The Emu

Reach for the Sky

The Rock

The Twister

The Yes & No

Print and display the Office Stretch Sheet  which has six simple and effective stretches that you can complete whilst sitting at your work station or your stationary vehicle.

The Standing Stretch Sheet is perfect to do before a lunchtime walk, and for those who have standing roles. Print this one out and put in the tea room, on your fridge at home or at the photocopier.

We recommend you repeat each stretch twice, and hold each time for 20 seconds.

To get stretches specific for your workplace or work tasks, why not contact a local exercise physiologist or physiotherapist for a consultation.