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Workplace Movement Champions launched

Active Geelong launched the Workplace Movement Champions program at the Geelong Chamber of Commerce “After 5” event on October 17.

In partnership with Clever & Creative Geelong, Active Geelong invited members of the Geelong Chamber of Commerce to register and become part of the Movement Movement.

People spend so much of their lives at work. And only just over 50% of us meet the recommended physical activity guidelines. So, it makes sense for Active Geelong to support workplaces to inspire and engage their employees in physical activity.

We’re calling on all businesses, big and small, to become a Movement Champion. The benefits of becoming a Movement Champion are two-fold: once you’ve registered you receive tips and resources to help you address barriers and challenges to participate in physical activity in the workplace; and, by engaging with Active Geelong you are helping Geelong to become Australia’s most active city.

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It’s a win-win!