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Annual Review

Our annual reviews outline the work we do each financial year. They report on the collaborations we form and the initiatives we implement to achieve our aim of making the Geelong region Australia’s most active.

Annual Review 2023

Our first Active Geelong Workplace Awards and Active Geelong Showcase events

AG Annual Review 2023


Annual Review 2022

Gaining momentum with face to face physical activity initiatives

AG Annual Review 2022


Annual Review 2021

The year of emerging from COVID and the rise of a ‘new normal’

AG Annual Review 2021


Annual Review 2020

The year of community support and encouragement.


Download 2020 Annual Review

Annual Review 2019

A refined vision, introducing our ambassadors and initiative implementation.


Download 2019 Annual Review

Annual Review 2018

Awareness-raising, setting goals and demonstrated support and endorsement from key businesses, organisations, institutions and agencies