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Active Geelong aims to inspire community participation in a growing number of accessible and enjoyable physical activity opportunities.

Why do we exist?

Because regular
activity is good
for you!

Participation in regular physical activity can help prevent:

Cardio vascular disease | Type 2 diabetes | Depression and anxiety | Hypertension | Obesity | Sleep disorders | Dementia | Certain cancers, including colon and breast.

We collaborate

Active Geelong is a collaborative project that brings together leading businesses, doctors, researchers and individuals to address inactivity in the Geelong region.

It is a collective movement on a mission to:

- Make Geelong workplaces the most active in Australia by 2022

- Make Geelong GPs the most actively committed to promoting physical activity in Australia by 2022

- Ensure every person gets their minimum daily dose of physical activity, every day by 2025

- Be recognised as a movement that embraces the whole community

Geelong is ideally placed to be Australia’s most active city thanks to the environment, weather, infrastructure and access to world leaders in physical activity research.

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Key Initiatives

Active Geelong will work with workplaces, local GPs and health professionals and the broader community to increase physical activity in the Geelong region through innovative ways that will increase access, provide new opportunities and support activities that promote physical activity.

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Working together with local organisations, Active Geelong aims to support employees to become more active. With the support of The Global Obesity Centre (GLOBE) and Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition (IPAN) at Deakin University, Active Geelong will apply a systems thinking approach to determine the barriers and opportunities to increase physical activity and will support individual workplaces to adopt initiatives that increase physical activity.

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Medical Community

Through our partnership with the Western Victoria Primary Health Network, Active Geelong will work with local GPs and health professionals in advocating increased levels of physical activity.

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