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Active Geelong’s mission is to inspire the Geelong community to participate in enjoyable physical activity opportunities so they can experience amazing health benefits. Finding the motivation to get active isn’t always easy and that’s why Active Geelong is developing a range of  amazing opportunities to support participants every step of the way. Ready to go? 

Active Geelong Agnes mascot

Get the motivator you’re missing!

We all know it’s tricky to keep motivated, which is why Active Geelong’s Movement Motivator is here to give you the extra prompt you need to get moving each day.

What’s the Movement Motivator?

  • The Movement Motivator, Agnes works as a personal mentor – just via WhatsApp. Agnes notes how active you are throughout the day and prompts you to keep moving when you need to.
  • The Movement Motivator is adaptable to whatever fitness level you’re at so don’t worry that you won’t keep up. Any physical activity is better than none. Simply fill in the details and get on with your day.
  • As The Movement Motivator communicates with you through WhatsApp, you can rest assured that all your data is 100% encrypted and safe.
  • As part of our trial offer, Active Geelong is offering all chat participants the opportunity to win big by getting active. Start with us now to stand a chance to win prizes from the Geelong Cats and Athlete’s Foot
  • The last day for registration for the Movement Motivator pilot program is 11th September 2022. 
  • Terms and Conditions apply to the Movement Motivator program, as well as a Health DisclaimerOnly participate in the program if you are happy with these.

Are you having problems registering for the Movement Motivator program? Drop an e-mail to so we can help you resolve this.



It’s a clinically designed and personalised FREE program which runs over a period of 6 weeks. When signing up, you will be asked a few simple questions to ensure it is safe for you exercise.

By safe we mean that you don’t have any health conditions that would put you at risk and that you haven’t been advised by a doctor not to exercise. There will also be a few questions related to how much physical activity you are currently doing.  Based on this information, we will help you to set weekly achievable activity goals. Goal setting and tracking progress are two key motivators for keeping you active. Each week you will also receive a few personalised messages on WhatsApp to keep you motivated and informed. If you reach your weekly goals, you have the opportunity to earn incentives from Active Geelong’s partners.


How can I promote Physical Activity in my workplace?

Get the word out with these quick and easy communication tools.


Digital Flyer

Send this PDF to your team leaders to give them a brief overview of The Movement Motivator


Breakroom Poster

 Post this in your breakroom to make The Movement Motivator accessible via a quick QR scan


Is it safe for me to exercise?   

If you are unsure whether your health might be at risk when you exercise, simply click on this link where you can run through a quick questionnaire of seven questions called a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q).

Movement Motivator PAR-Q

Read Movement Motivator Privacy Policy here