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Resource #11

Starting a workplace sports team

From connecting with your co-workers to becoming a better leader, there are loads of reasons to set up a workplace sports team. Here’s how to kick yours off.

Whether it’s football or ultimate frisbee, netball or roller derby, playing sport can max your fitness and your wellbeing almost instantly. But did you know that playing alongside your colleagues could help you to feel mentally stronger as well as increase morale and productivity at work1?

“Playing sports gives you the foundation to be a self-starter, while overcoming adversity,” says Jed Hughes2, chairman of international recruiting firm Korn Ferry, when asked if ‘sporty’ employees make better workers. To add to this, Cornell University3 found that people who played competitive sports in secondary school showed higher levels of leadership, self-confidence and success through their careers. Even better, setting up a sports team within the office is easier than you think. Follow these six steps to transform office life for good… Here’s an infographic showing you just how easy it is to set up your own work sports team.

An exercise routine is great for the body: For those trying to lose a little weight or improve their fitness, joining an office sports team is the perfect chance to partake in regular cardiovascular exercise – we are pretty sure you won’t be the only person in your organisation to have these aims.

Improve your concentration levels: You have to remain sharp when playing any sport, especially team sports, as you don’t want to let your team down. There’s an easy parallel to be made with the workplace here and research suggests exercise can improve your concentration, memory and general performance at work.

Make new friends: In a new place of work, some can find it difficult to break the ice with those who they may not directly deal with. By creating a sports team, you have the perfect excuse to find out more about those people in a fun and conversational environment. Creating a mixed team is an especially good idea, you never know; you just might impress the colleague you’ve had your eye on since you began working there!

Raise morale within the team: Winning is always a great feeling, just imagine the sensation after scoring the winning goal for the team in a company football match. Those positive vibes transfer directly into the office and morale will be peaking within the team after last night’s success.

Show your bosses you can take control: By being the team’s founder, you’re not only being brave but also showing initiative and leadership skills, which are key traits that bosses look for.

Do something different: We all see our colleagues in the same situation most days, be it across the desk or in the meeting room. Mixing up the environment in which you interact with your team can spark new life in to both professional and personal relationships with your colleagues.